Gift Idea: Vegan Candles For A Warm Autumn Season

A present for all senses and suitable for the cool season - hand-made, cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

It is slowly but surely getting colder again. The leaves on the trees will soon say goodbye to their green and turn into a wonderful splendour of colour. The smell of autumn is in the air - at least outside. High time to bring that scent into your warm cosy living room, too.

For this blog post, I have come up with something very special for you. I would like to introduce you to a wonderful gift idea (be it for someone else or for yourself) to match the colourful season. I get to collaborate with my dear friend from WILDRACE to bring you not only their new autumn collection, but also a super exciting teaser right away.

I also had the honour of shooting the product photos for the autumn collection, giving me a first class sneak peek. The scent that hit me when I opened the package was incredibly delicious - pure autumn! The collection consists of three flavours: Gingerbread, Maple Walnut and Pumpkin Spice, the latter of which is particularly impressive. The product has a really great decorative element: little pumpkin wax melts sticking out of the top ofthe candle (my personal favourite, also in terms of scent - just heavenly).

The small company was founded in March 2021. «I’ve always loved candles, but specifically clean, natural candles. I am vegan and like to make sure the products I use are as clean as the food I eat. I was gifted a candle from a well-known luxury candle brand here in the UK as a leaving present as I left my job in London and relocated back to my hometown. Falling in love with the candle, I was heartbroken to find their candles were just so out of my budget as I was now unemployed, living with my parents. I thought there must be a way I could make the same candles for much less and after some research decided that I could.»

WILDRACE is quite literally a one-woman-show, it's all under one roof. «From sourcingthe materials, to making the candles, to the boxing up and shipping.... I personally manage the whole journey.»

Eco-friendliness is particularly important. «With the current state of the planet, we should allbe focusing on what we can do to help. Proudly, I can say that my candles are made and burned with no cost to the planet or environment.»

According to WILDRACE, ingredient choosing in that regard is extremely stressful. It seems to be very hard to find clean materials with no risk. They use soy wax for their candles and soy blended wax for their melts (they hold the shape better). Soy wax is more expensive for them to buy but does provide a longer burn time (double the amount of paraffin wax) and it burns soot free.

In terms of fragrances, WILDRACE relies mainly on fragrance oil candles, with the exception of one product. «There is a lot of debate about whether fragrance oil candles are bad for you but in reality, there has been more (minor) harm caused to humans by certain blends of essential oils than there ever has been from fragranced. We choose only high-quality oils and have tested them (beyond your wildest imaginations) to ensure they are all safe and smell delicious.»

Months later, after many mistakes, investments, discontinued scents and a whole lot of learning, WILDRACE are not only looking forward to see more reactions to their autumn collection, but also to work on more very exciting products. «There is another big secret that should make its way out into the world late September if all goes to plan. It’s a COLLABORATION with a friend's insanely beautiful products... I better stop now before I say too much, but get ready for some perfect gifts!»


P.S: WILDRACE normally don’t ship to Switzerland just yet. If you are interested inone of their products, feel free to contact me or them and I will help you outto organize a delivery.